FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

Which size is suitable for me?

You can use the size charts for the individual products to choose the right size. If you are unsure, you should take the smaller size so that the suit fits the skin. The material of both suits is flexible.

What are the differences between the two models?

See here: {comparison table}

What accessories does the suit come with?

The "Stingersuit" includes a hood, gloves and socks; the “Stingersuit SUN” is a one-piece suit with a bridge on the sole of the foot.

Does the suit also protect against UV radiation from the sun (sun protection)?

The "Stingersuit" offers no sun protection, the "Stingersuit SUN" an SPF of 50.

What jellyfish am I protected from?

Basically, the suit protects against all jellyfish, including the box jellyfish.

Can/must I wash the suit?

The suits should be rinsed in fresh water after swimming in the sea. The suits must not be washed with soap or in the washing machine.

Are there shops or branches where you can buy the suits?

There are no shops in Europe. The suits can only be ordered online.

Do I have to register? Or is there a guest access?

You don't have to register, you can also place an order using the "Guest Access" button.

Can I exchange the goods?

The suits can be exchanged within the scope of the legal regulations (e.g. in the original packaging).

What payment options are there?

You can choose between bank transfer, Paypal and credit card.

Can you purchase a voucher?

We do not offer vouchers.

What shipping options are there?

We ship via DHL Standard Shipping. We only offer express delivery for France and Germany.

Where/to which countries do you deliver?

We deliver to all European countries. For other countries please inquire.

How long does it take to process my order?

The suits are in stock and the order will be processed no later than the next working day

Can I see the status of the order?

No, you will only receive a notification as soon as the order has been received.